More sneak peak of ‘RE/PLAY Dance’ Edit!

We have more behind the scenes pictures from our rehearsals of ‘RE/PLAY Dance Edit’.

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Interview with Performer, Ma Yanling

Ma Yanling found her love for dance since the early school days and has since been actively involved in the local dance scene. Besides pursuing her passion in dance, she is also a full-time arts manager, who believe in supporting the development of theatre in Singapore. Despite being accustomed to the local arts industry, she mentioned that RE/PLAY Dance Edit is a new experience for her. Read on more to find out her thoughts on RE/PLAY Dance Edit!

“In RE/PLAY Dance Edit, I will be working with other independent performers in a space that we are all new to. This excites me, and for a little bit, scares me too.”

Ma Yanling, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit


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