More sneak peak of ‘RE/PLAY Dance’ Edit!

We have more behind the scenes pictures from our rehearsals of ‘RE/PLAY Dance Edit’.

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Interview with Performer, Elizabeth Loh

Elizabeth is no stranger to being on stage. Trained under two youth theatre programmes, she’s performed both in school shows and production by various theatre company. She sees RE/PLAY as an opportunity to merge together her love of dance and theatre.

“Let your mind be free of doubt and just move”.

– Elizabeth Loh, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit



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Berita Harian features RE/PLAY Dance Edit

Check out this article that was featured in Berita Harian today! Sufri Juwahir, one of the performers in RE/PLAY Dance Edit, talks about his experience from auditioning to collaborating with Junnosuke Tada and the other performers in this production.

“Pengalaman berkolaborasi dengan Tada dan penari lain dalam pementasan ini akan membolehkan saya meningkatkan diri dari segi kesenian dan gerakan.” – Sufri Juwahir

“The experience of collaborating with Tada and the other dancers in this performance has allowed me to improve myself in the aspect of art and movement.” – Sufri Juwahir

RE/PLAY Dance Edit runs from 17 to 20 Feb 2016 at 72-13, at 8pm. We are already sold out for our 17 Feb show! To reserve your tickets, email or give us a call at 6737-7213.

Sufri BH

Berita Harian, Gah! 11 February 2016, Thursday by Nurmaya Alias

Interview with Theatre Director, Junnosuke Tada

We are excited about the presentation of an international work, RE/PLAY Dance Edit by Japanese theatre director, Junnosuke Tada. For this new version of RE/PLAY Dance Edit, Tada collaborates with Kitamari and the piece will be performed by Japanese dancer Tatsunori Imamura and six selected Singaporean dancers. Working with these six dancers for the first time, Tada is looking forward to the production and is excited to share what he has in mind for this production!

“Singapore is a multiracial society with Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races and I hope that my piece will inspire new imaginations from the Singaporean audiences through identifying the differences between dancing bodies and their interpretations.”

– Junnosuke Tada, Theatre Director

Junnosuke Tda

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In the grip of Deathlock: Interview with Junnosuke Tada

RE/PLAY Dance Edit was featured in The Straits Times, Life on the OffStage column today. ST reporter, Nabilah Said interviewed Junnosuke Tada, Director of Tokyo Deathlock and TheatreWorks’ Associate Artist, to find out more about his source of inspiration for works and some interesting past performing experiences he had.

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ST features REPLAY

The Straits Times, Life OffStage 2 Feb 2016, Tuesday by Nabilah Said.

More on RE/PLAY Dance Edit!

RE/PLAY Dance Edit was first premiered by Junnosuke Tada’s theatre company, Tokyo Deathlock, in Tokyo in 2011.  It was well-received by the Japanese audiences and reputable Japanese critics…


RE/PLAY Dance Edit is based on themes such as “unrepeatable” and “interruption” where actors continue their movements without interference from each other -accompanied by pop music- to create a work that express time and life ironically through relentless repetition. Juxtaposing their widely varying physiques, perspectives on dance, and choreography, the performance deconstructs the audience’s perception of dance/movement.

Tada’s idea is to see this scenario with Japanese and Southeast Asian physicality – the Asian physicality – in the upcoming creation in Singapore with TheatreWorks. Each dancer will make their own performance based on their own “dance/not dance” and “movement/choreography”. Creating a space where the dancers as well as the audience will be able to rethink, investigate, and develop their perspective on dance.

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