Interview with Performer, Sheridan Newman

Sheriden became a principal dancer in 2011 with Asian Comtemporary dance company Maya Dance Theatre in 2011. Since then she has performed extensively in both local and overseas productions. Now Sheridan is teaching ballet and comtemporary dance at LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, as well as performing and choreographing for dance projects in locally and internationally. Sheriden is also embarking on a new dance initiative, along with fellow performer, Sufri Juwahir, called Soul Signature.

“Junnosuke Tada artistic idea for the work sounds very interesting to me, about exploring the body in movement and repetition, but without making it so “dancey” (whatever that means!)”

 – Sheridan Newman, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit


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Interview with Performer, Sufri Juwahir

Sufri began dancing hip-hop at 17 years old. Since then he has won numerous dance competition and expanded his dance vocabulary to include ballet and contemporary dance. More recently, Sufri has ventured into a new dance initiative – Soul Signature, with fellow RE/PLAY Dance Edit performer Sheridan.

“I am always finding new ways of expressing myself through performance and pushing my physical and conceptual ideas of dance”.

– Sufri Juwahir, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit


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Interview with Performer, Jaenny Chandra

Jaenny Chandra has been trained in a variety of dance genres – from ballet, hip-hop, jazz, street jazz, to burlesque and many more.  Marrying her love of dance and fitness together, Jaenny is a certified fitness instructor. She has led a record-breaking number of people in KpopX – a dance fitness workout incorporating Korean pop music and dance moves, at Resorts World Sentosa.

“I quit a stable and well-paying job to pursue my passion in dance and fitness. It’s not an easy decision and a challenging journey but I simply love what I do on a daily basis now”.

– Jaenny Chandra, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit


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Interview with Performer, Elizabeth Loh

Elizabeth is no stranger to being on stage. Trained under two youth theatre programmes, she’s performed both in school shows and production by various theatre company. She sees RE/PLAY as an opportunity to merge together her love of dance and theatre.

“Let your mind be free of doubt and just move”.

– Elizabeth Loh, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit



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Berita Harian features RE/PLAY Dance Edit

Check out this article that was featured in Berita Harian today! Sufri Juwahir, one of the performers in RE/PLAY Dance Edit, talks about his experience from auditioning to collaborating with Junnosuke Tada and the other performers in this production.

“Pengalaman berkolaborasi dengan Tada dan penari lain dalam pementasan ini akan membolehkan saya meningkatkan diri dari segi kesenian dan gerakan.” – Sufri Juwahir

“The experience of collaborating with Tada and the other dancers in this performance has allowed me to improve myself in the aspect of art and movement.” – Sufri Juwahir

RE/PLAY Dance Edit runs from 17 to 20 Feb 2016 at 72-13, at 8pm. We are already sold out for our 17 Feb show! To reserve your tickets, email or give us a call at 6737-7213.

Sufri BH

Berita Harian, Gah! 11 February 2016, Thursday by Nurmaya Alias

Interview with Performer, Ma Yanling

Ma Yanling found her love for dance since the early school days and has since been actively involved in the local dance scene. Besides pursuing her passion in dance, she is also a full-time arts manager, who believe in supporting the development of theatre in Singapore. Despite being accustomed to the local arts industry, she mentioned that RE/PLAY Dance Edit is a new experience for her. Read on more to find out her thoughts on RE/PLAY Dance Edit!

“In RE/PLAY Dance Edit, I will be working with other independent performers in a space that we are all new to. This excites me, and for a little bit, scares me too.”

Ma Yanling, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit


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Interview with Performer, Mario Chan

Mario Chan believes that stories are universal and looks forward to bringing as many stories as he can to life. He shares his motivation and inspiration for dance and theatre, as well as his thoughts towards RE/PLAY Dance Edit. Find out more about Mario through the conversation below!

“I keep going and pushing for higher ground. I expect the best from myself and work everyday to get where I want to be.”

– Mario Chan, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit


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