Two weeks ago, TheatreWorks presented RE/PLAY Dance Edit. Held from 17-20 Feb at 72-13, we had some ambassadors join us for a preview of the show. One of our ambassadors, Ms Jane Zhang Shu shared with us her thoughts and feelings towards the show.

“The Chinese saying of how it takes ten years of practice to perfect every minute of craft presented on stage, resonated strongly with me”.

Do you have any initial expectations of REPLAY before watching it? 

No, I do not usually have any expectations with me before a show. I prefer letting myself be immersed in the performance.

What are some of your thoughts towards the show?

 As someone whose interested in dance, REPLAY was definitely different from what I would usually see in dance performances. This performance was especially thought provoking as I witnessed dance taking place with several deliberate pause in music. The dance movements caught my eyes as I observed how dancers drop onto the floor after a series of repeated movements. These scenes made me question myself on what exactly is dance and whether what I have witnessed in REPLAY is actually a dance at all. Largely, REPLAY led me to think about my love for dance and how I would also practice and experiment with new dance routines every now and then. After a while, I found myself relating to more of what I see in REPLAY. The repetition of dance steps appear to be similar to how dancers would practice their routines. The Chinese saying of how it takes ten years of practice to perfect every minute of craft presented on stage, resonated strongly with me.

The sight of simple movements like walking and jumping inspired me to think about how life is similar to the presentation of dance in REPLAY. In a fast paced society today, our everyday mundane lifestyle would consist of repeated movements and sometimes, this cycle can be really exhausting. However, life pushes us to reflect and try again while in hopes that tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.

I also observed that REPLAY not only involved dancers from different countries (Japan and Singapore) but also dancers of different races as well (Malay, Chinese, Eurasian). Some of these dancers were familiar to me as I have seen them in other performances before. The sight of them coming all together was especially refreshing! The process of them executing their dance steps also revealed to me the difference in their dance training. It was overall an interesting sight!

How do you think this piece of work changed your perception on dance?

I find that I have a special relationship with dance. Dancing not only helps me to be physically stronger but it also allows me to discover interesting aspects of life. I find myself having a better connection with people through expressing my emotions in dance. Ultimately, I see dance as a universal language that helps to overcome differences. The unique dance movements in REPLAY serve as a reminder that we are all not to different from one another after all. This art form is especially important now as with an advance in technology, people are becoming more disconnected with one another. There is hope that dance can bridge the gap and enhance the bond among people.



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