Interview with Performer, Sheridan Newman

Sheriden became a principal dancer in 2011 with Asian Comtemporary dance company Maya Dance Theatre in 2011. Since then she has performed extensively in both local and overseas productions. Now Sheridan is teaching ballet and comtemporary dance at LASALLE College of the Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, as well as performing and choreographing for dance projects in locally and internationally. Sheriden is also embarking on a new dance initiative, along with fellow performer, Sufri Juwahir, called Soul Signature.

“Junnosuke Tada artistic idea for the work sounds very interesting to me, about exploring the body in movement and repetition, but without making it so “dancey” (whatever that means!)”

 – Sheridan Newman, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit



1 Tell us something inspiring about yourself.

I’ve been dancing for almost 25years now! haha It’s been an ongoing journey since young, and only started taking dance seriously when I was 14years old. But what I love about dance is that there is so many more things to discover, whether it’s styles, genres of dance, cultural context, movement exploration, how to teach dance, share with others etc etc. So it’s my passion that never makes me bored and never goes away. My background in dance started in Ballet, then Jazz, Salsa/Latin, Modern, then to Contemporary dance. When I came to Singapore I worked with Maya Dance Theatre as Principal dancer, and Apsara Asia as dance instructor and project coordinator. It was there at Maya Dance Theatre which opened up to me wider perspectives in dance and theatre. I learnt more about Asian dance forms such as,the classical Indian dance, Bharatha Natyam, Indonesian’s Javanese dance, Balinese dance and of course all the different ethnic dance groups in Singapore, Malay, Chinese and Indian. I was trained in Bharatha Natyam for 4 years, and its one dance form that is very challenging, yet inspiring and beautiful to me. Now as a more independent dance artist, I hold onto what I learnt and continue to explore and find more of dance, in our contemporary and multicultural era.

2 What motivated you to take up the challenge to be part of RE/PLAY Dance Edit?

I’ve always been interested in trying out new projects, with different artists, so this was the perfect chance to do so!

Working in a different setting that I’m used too, and with other artists I haven’t met before, will be an exciting thing to see unfold, and what I will learn along the way.

Also, Junnosuke Tada artistic idea for the work sounds very interesting to me, about exploring the body in movement and repetition, but without making it so “dancey” (whatever that means). So I am looking forward to see how he directs us with his vision and to see the final outcome.

Being part of this Singapore-Japan collaboration, what do you look forward to?

I look forward to understanding more on how Japanese artists like to work in their form, and what experiences they will share among us. I think Singapore can learn a lot from their neighbouring countries, in terms of way of working, ideas and risks that we can explore further. It’s always a good thing when collaborating with artists from different cultures, because it is there where we really get to understand people and their cultures.

4 by the end of the production, what do you think will resonate in you

Hmm it’s hard to tell what will stay with me after the production, when you haven’t been through it yet, as every experience is different and you really can’t expect what will happen or turn out to be…

So to answer the question, I think what will resonate with me is the project’s experience itself, working with different artists, with Theatreworks as commissioned based, the collaboration between Singapore and Japan… the performances.

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