Interview with Performer, Elizabeth Loh

Elizabeth is no stranger to being on stage. Trained under two youth theatre programmes, she’s performed both in school shows and production by various theatre company. She sees RE/PLAY as an opportunity to merge together her love of dance and theatre.

“Let your mind be free of doubt and just move”.

– Elizabeth Loh, Performer, RE/PLAY Dance Edit



1 Tell us something inspiring about yourself.

Following my passion as a performer and a theatre practitioner regardless of what society thinks isn’t a “proper” job. Haha!

2 What motivated you to take up the challenge to be part of RE/PLAY Dance Edit?

I have been acting and doing dance training and classes for a while and thought this might be a good chance for me to merge these two things that I like and see what comes out of it.

3 Being part of this Singapore-Japan collaboration, what do you look forward to?

The working styles and direction of the director and working with the dancers involved.

4 By the end of the production, what do you think will resonate in you?

Let your mind be free of doubt and just move.


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