Berita Harian features RE/PLAY Dance Edit

Check out this article that was featured in Berita Harian today! Sufri Juwahir, one of the performers in RE/PLAY Dance Edit, talks about his experience from auditioning to collaborating with Junnosuke Tada and the other performers in this production.

“Pengalaman berkolaborasi dengan Tada dan penari lain dalam pementasan ini akan membolehkan saya meningkatkan diri dari segi kesenian dan gerakan.” – Sufri Juwahir

“The experience of collaborating with Tada and the other dancers in this performance has allowed me to improve myself in the aspect of art and movement.” – Sufri Juwahir

RE/PLAY Dance Edit runs from 17 to 20 Feb 2016 at 72-13, at 8pm. We are already sold out for our 17 Feb show! To reserve your tickets, email or give us a call at 6737-7213.

Sufri BH

Berita Harian, Gah! 11 February 2016, Thursday by Nurmaya Alias


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