Interview with Theatre Director, Junnosuke Tada

We are excited about the presentation of an international work, RE/PLAY Dance Edit by Japanese theatre director, Junnosuke Tada. For this new version of RE/PLAY Dance Edit, Tada collaborates with Kitamari and the piece will be performed by Japanese dancer Tatsunori Imamura and six selected Singaporean dancers. Working with these six dancers for the first time, Tada is looking forward to the production and is excited to share what he has in mind for this production!

“Singapore is a multiracial society with Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races and I hope that my piece will inspire new imaginations from the Singaporean audiences through identifying the differences between dancing bodies and their interpretations.”

– Junnosuke Tada, Theatre Director

Junnosuke Tda

What inspired you to create RE/PLAY Dance Edit?

In 2006, I created RE/PLAY with my theatre company, Tokyo Deathlock. In that work, a group of young people died in a mass suicide and the last 30 minutes of their lives were replayed three times. With this piece, I represented “life” and “death” through the reversibility of body and time. Five years later, in response to the natural disasters in Japan on 11 March 2011, I presented RE/PLAY again based on a revised concept of “re-production”. Eliminating lines, I emphasised irreversibility, interruption and unrepeatability in this piece.

Together with other dancers, we created a new version of RE/PLAY at “We dance Kyoto 2012”, a forum organised by Offsite Dance Project and directed by dancer Kitamari in Kyoto. Following that, I re-created the piece again with another group of dancers in Yokohama. Although the theatrical version has employed physical expressions, I introduced a new concept of “dance/not dance” to the dance version. With that, a new piece emerged which emphasised on the different relationship with time through additional factors of human/dance and language/representation.

2 How does the Singapore version of RE/PLAY Dance Edit differ from earlier versions? What would you do to adapt it to the Singaporean contexts and audiences? What are some of the challenges?

The selection of music will be a challenge because it plays an important role in the piece. Hence, I intend to speak to the Singaporean dancers and the company before deciding on the music. Furthermore, Singapore is a multiracial society with Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races and I hope that my piece will inspire new imaginations from the Singaporean audiences through identifying the differences between dancing bodies and their interpretations.

3 Various versions of RE/PLAY Dance Edit will be staged in other South East Asian cities in the next few years, what do you think are the challenges and resonance RE/PLAY Dance Edit will have?

With this performance, I hope to expand the audience’s consciousness of connections and disconnections from individuals, to family members, to regions and lastly to states. For this to happen, the first challenge for myself is to understand the culture and history of individual relationships in each country. I’m looking forward to the reactions from individuals in the theatre and dance industry because RE/PLAY Dance Edit is based on theatrical techniques and describes dance.

4 What do you feel about working across disciplines and culturally?

International co-creations are not new to me, since I have worked with Korean theatre practitioners for eight years now. Recently, I had more opportunities to work with dancers, children and the public. With every collaboration, I tend to create pieces with the theatrical techniques I have acquired. On the other hand, international creations allow us to understand others and learn from each other’s differences. It provides me with precious moments to reflect on human, difference and communication gaps among people even in the same country, as well as the meaning of nation and border.

5 What do you hope to achieve by the end of the production?

I want to make this piece so memorable that I will miss watching the performance and spending time with the production the moment it ends.


Catch RE/PLAY Dance Edit from 17 to 20 Feb 2016 at 72-13, 8pm nightly. To reserve your tickets, email or ring us at 6737-7213.


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