Interview with Collaborator, Kitamari

In this version of RE/PLAY Dance Edit, Junnosuke Tada collaborates with Kitamari, the artistic director of “KIKIKIKIKIKI”. While this is not their first time collaborating with one another for this piece, it is their first time engaging with Singaporean dancers. Well trained in the performance arts, Kitamari hopes to explore further and see what dance can do to influence the world.

“I look forward to exploring if dance can connect the world together.”

– Kitamari, Collaborator


What inspired you to create RE/PLAY Dance Edit?

When I created the dance version of RE/PLAY for the first time in 2012, I was in need of a good theatre director who can lead dancers to show the strength of their bodies and enable dance to go beyond language. This project began when I approached Mr. Tada to be the director of the piece.

2 Tell us something inspiring about yourself.

I find that everything in my life inspiring.

3 What motivated you to take up the challenge to be part of RE/PLAY Dance Edit?

The responsibility and expectations as the producer of the premier motivated me to take up this challenge. Furthermore, I want to go beyond the limit as a dancer.

4 Being part of this Singapore-Japan collaboration, what do you look forward to?

I look forward to exploring if dance can connect the world together.

5 By the end of the production, what do you think will resonate in you?

The body which cannot stop dancing will resonate with me.

Do keep a look out on this blog for more interviews with the creative team! In the meantime, check out our Interview with Theatre Director, Junnosuke Tada.


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